Calligraphy Exhibit at the WV Cultural Center

Calligraphy Exhibit at the WV Cultural Center

Expressions in Word

September through November 2012

The Charleston Calligraphers Guild partnered with the Kanawha Valley Poets Society & Huntington Calligraphers Guild to bring together an amazing exhibit of poetry & calligraphy.

Below are some photos from the exhibit opening ceremonies.

Calligraphy Exhibit





Mary Lou and Jean







































HCG’s New Year of Card Exchange Themes

Greeting card exchange:

  • The card should have some of your calligraphy (a little or a lot) on it.
  • Must have an envelope.
  • Any size or shape.
  • Make sure you sign it.



September 2012: School Is In – use pencils only to draw or decorate your card
October 2012: Spooky – this is exchanged at Greenbo in KY
November 2012: Squares – something memorable using only squares
December 2012: Christmas! – of course
January 2013: Valentine’s Project – use pink, red, or purple & Priscilla will give you a name to address your envelope for the service project donation
February 2013: Homonyms – words that sound alike but have different meanings (bear/bare, night/knight, sale/sail, archer’s bow/bow tie)
March 2014: Paper fabric – use paper as if it were fabric. Sew it, weave it, add some buttons, what else?
April 2014: CCG’s choice – something playful!  …uh oh, spoilers!
May 2014:  Birds! – the world of birds is fascinating
June 2014: Numbers – Work only with numbers. make an image or shapes with numbers, maybe a calculator!
July 2014: Insects is the theme for this month
August 2014: Miniaturize – create tiny versions of something that would be much bigger

CCG July Meeting

We enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Midge and Susan.

During the business meeting we discussed issues including
The upcoming exhibit in 2012 in conjunction with the Kanawha Valley Poets
HCG’s upcoming summer workshops including the one coming up “Oodle a Doodle”
Rhonda let us know about some upcoming workshops in the area.

Then, Jackie led us through some practice with Blackletter.
She even gave us some small project ideas.


HCG Workshop – Industrial Chic Bracelet

The HCG held a 1 day workshop this past weekend. Industrial Chic Bracelets with Fonda & Wanda. The turnout was great, 15 people. It was a day full of instructions and playing. We got to make some really cool trinkets to add to our bracelets. We were given a nice diverse kit of charms and accessories to get our bracelet full of charm goodies. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of these papers on display at the upcoming meetings.

We all left with sore fingers and full wrists, jingling all the way home.

HCG June Meeting

The June HCG Meeting was a great time.

The delicious refreshments were provided by Midge & Jackie.

The business meeting consisted of topics including the upcoming workshops, the re-scheduled Lion Club sale, the July Cookout/Picnic, and the 2012 Exhibit in conjunction with the CCG & Kanawha Valley Poets.

Judy led us through a cool new “Nature Letters” that was a nice fun letting style. She provided each of us with a nice exemplar she created and we all practiced these funky letters.

Then, Kathy demonstrated and let us play with a Tim Holtz technique layering acrylic dabbers and re-inkers with mica powders. We came out with some cool looking tags.

We were all asked to bring our paste papers to the July meeting.

CCG June Meeting

The CCG meeting was an exciting one.

The refreshments were provided by Sara and her friend Linda. Thanks girls for a wonderful meal.

The business meeting included topics such as:
The upcoming exhibit in 2012 in conjunction with the Kanawha Valley Poets
The upcoming workshop with Letterista Lisa Englebrecht in October
The bookmark exchange we will be doing in August
and HCG’s upcoming summer workshops including the one coming up “Industrial Chic Bracelets”

Sarah & Denise lead us through our project that should end in a finished work of art. Hopefully all will bring these pieces back next month to show off.


HCG Workshop – Paste Paper

The HCG held a 1 day workshop this past weekend. Paste Paper with Denise & Sarah. The turnout was great, 12 people. It was a day full of information and playing. We got to see some great colors and techniques. Some of us came with papers with writing and stamping and paintings on them just to see what would happen. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of these papers on display at the upcoming meetings.

Everyone was given some papers and some paste and after some basic instructions and lots of examples and information, we all went to play.

HCG May Meeting

The HCG meeting was a fun night for everyone.

The refreshments were a pot luck. It was an egg theme for the most part but those wasabi chips had some kick.

The business meeting included topics such as:
Sharing about the previous month’s exchange meeting.
The upcoming workshops hosted by the guilds, including the paste paper workshop next weekend.

Mary lead us through the copperplate hand. We each received a card to complete and show off our calligraphy.

CCG May Meeting

The CCG May meeting just wrapped up.

We had wonderful refreshments provided by Betsy and Becky. Fresh veggies and sandwiches and delicious brownies.

The John Neal sale items leftover from our April Exchange Meeting were set about for us to continue to shop.

Our business meeting included topics such as our yearly donation to the church, upcoming workshops, exhibits, the bookmark exchange and a new baby.

Our program this month was led by Sarah. She showed the project we’re aiming to finish at the end of the June meeting and did a quick overview of the italic hand. Then everyone set about practicing and creating a sheet of layered lettering to bring back in June.

Bookmark Exchange – August 2011

Denise is issuing a call to join a Bookmark Exchange.

The rules are simple:
Create 1 bookmark for everyone that signs up
The body of the bookmark must be flat – so we don’t ruin any books

The exchange will take place at the August CCG Meeting.

If you want to sign up, please contact Denise (her info is in your guild directories) and she’ll add you to the list.

She will get in touch with everyone that signs up by July how many signed up and therefore exactly how many bookmarks you’ll be making.