HCG’s New Year of Card Exchange Themes

Greeting card exchange:

  • The card should have some of your calligraphy (a little or a lot) on it.
  • Must have an envelope.
  • Any size or shape.
  • Make sure you sign it.



September 2012: School Is In – use pencils only to draw or decorate your card
October 2012: Spooky – this is exchanged at Greenbo in KY
November 2012: Squares – something memorable using only squares
December 2012: Christmas! – of course
January 2013: Valentine’s Project – use pink, red, or purple & Priscilla will give you a name to address your envelope for the service project donation
February 2013: Homonyms – words that sound alike but have different meanings (bear/bare, night/knight, sale/sail, archer’s bow/bow tie)
March 2014: Paper fabric – use paper as if it were fabric. Sew it, weave it, add some buttons, what else?
April 2014: CCG’s choice – something playful! ¬†…uh oh, spoilers!
May 2014:  Birds! Рthe world of birds is fascinating
June 2014: Numbers – Work only with numbers. make an image or shapes with numbers, maybe a calculator!
July 2014: Insects is the theme for this month
August 2014: Miniaturize – create tiny versions of something that would be much bigger

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